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Instrumental Tuition

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Berkshire Maestros

We have partnered with Berkshire Maestros to offer instrumental tuition either individually or in small groups.  Lessons take place during the school day and there is a cost, which is charged to parents.  For more information about Berkshire Maestros, visit their website.      

The following Berkshire Maestros teachers visit the school regularly to give lessons.  For a free taster lesson, please contact the teacher directly.  If you are interested in a different instrument, please email emmastoffer@berkshiremaestros.org.uk

Guitar:  Contact Jack Rowe at jackrowe@berkshiremaestros.org.uk

Woodwind (recorder/ flute/ clarinet):  Contact Tess Hawken at tesshawken@berkshiremaestros.org.uk

Piano/ keyboard:  Contact Pete Brookes at petebrooks@berkshiremaestros.org.uk

Trombone:  Contact John Watts at johnwatts@berkshiremaestros.org.uk

Piano lessons with Thomas Vaughan Jones

Thomas Vaughan Jones is offering group Piano lessons to Year 1,2 & 3 one group on a Thursday and the other group on a Friday.  Thomas Vaughan Jones can be contacted at Tom_vaughan_93@outlook.com. Please find some information below about the lessons

Group piano classes:

I am a musician and music teacher in the area who is very passionate about teaching the language of music at a young age; I believe that engaging children in musical activity and teaching them how to connect with music, through the lense of creative and fun group piano lessons is a fantastic way to spark the joy of music, and unwrap all the benefits associated with musical engagement. 

I would like to offer group piano classes starting after half term for beginner students, for age groups year 1 to year 3 (for now). These  groups will contain 6-8 piano students for 30 minute lessons directly after school on Thursdays and Fridays. 

In these sessions, for the session I will facilitate a keyboard each for us to play on and I will also supply the student with a piano book, pencil and music bag to carry their supplies within that they can take home.

For context, I am a local resident who has recently been awarded a Masters degree  with distinction and awards, from the Royal Academy of Music. My degrees there were supported by the Ralph Vaughan Williams Trust and the Countess of Munster musical trust. I am extremely passionate about offering insight into musical theory, listening, and composition, that I wish I might have accessed from an earlier age, into the wide and versatile world of music, as it has helped shape me and open my eyes, ears, and world to more possibility and educational exposure than I ever imagined. It would be a professional and personal joy to do this for the children at St Martins primary school, especially as an alumni myself!

The pragmatic details of these sessions: £60 per half term (£180 for the remaining year), with a material cost of £15 to begin with to cover the book, bag and pencils noted above. With 40 school weeks of the year this works out as an affordable way to access piano lessons, £9 per half an hour session per pupil, but doesn’t compromise on the functionality of the sessions at this level and age group.”





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