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Instrumental Tuition

andrew trombone

We have partnered with Berkshire Maestros to offer instrumental tuition either individually or in small groups.  Lessons take place during the school day and there is a cost, which is charged to parents.  For more information about Berkshire Maestros, visit their website.      

The following Berkshire Maestros teachers visit the school regularly to give lessons.  For a free taster lesson, please contact the teacher directly.  If you are interested in a different instrument, please email emmastoffer@berkshiremaestros.org.uk

Guitar:  Contact Jack Rowe at jackrowe@berkshiremaestros.org.uk

Woodwind (recorder/ flute/ clarinet):  Contact Tess Hawken at tesshawken@berkshiremaestros.org.uk

Piano/ keyboard:  Contact Pete Brookes at petebrooks@berkshiremaestros.org.uk

Trombone:  Contact John Watts at johnwatts@berkshiremaestros.org.uk

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