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Curriculum Statement

At St. Martin’s, we are all unique, but one in Christ.  With this in mind, we define the curriculum as the opportunities, the experiences, knowledge and skills that we offer children on a daily basis in every aspect of the school.

In order to promote integrated and active learning, and respond inclusively to the needs of the whole child, we aim to:

  • Engage and inspire through first-hand experiences
  • Enourage creativity across the entire curriculum
  • Promote a life-long thirst for knowledge and love of learning
  • Empower children to lead their own learning and enquiry; showing inner drive and perseverance
  • Support children to develop the skills needed to work well with others
  • Promote health in mind, body and soul; nurturing the development of a robust moral and ethical compass
  • Build resilience through encouraging purposeful self-evaluation
  • Encourage children to expect the best outcomes for themselves
  • Connect with our community and encourage children to have a positive impact upon it.
  • Ensure that children acquire the skills and knowledge to become well-rounded global citizens fit for the future.
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