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Our Curriculum


At St. Martin’s we aim to ensure that children acquire the skills and knowledge to become well-rounded global citizens, ready for the future.  We want our children to achieve the highest possible standards in reading, writing and maths but believe it is equally important that they enjoy learning a range of other subjects. 

Each subject is planned thoroughly to ensure that there is a coherent sequence to the learning of knowledge, skills and vocabulary.  Children are given regular opportunities to practise what they have learnt so that they can remember and build on their knowledge and make links between different areas of the curriculum.  We want children to leave St. Martin’s with a firm academic grounding so that they are prepared to do well at secondary school and beyond. 

Many of our subjects are based on an enquiry approach, where children focus on five or six key questions for the duration of a topic.  We want them to feel that they are part of a learning community and so they are encouraged to ask questions and discuss their ideas, building the skills they need to work with others while embedding a sense of wonder at the world we live in. 

Where appropriate, we engage and inspire our children through first-hand experiences, promoting a life-long thirst for knowledge and love of learning.  We have high expectations of the children in our care, and we encourage them to work hard, empowering them to develop inner drive, perseverance and resilience.

We emphasise the importance of quality first teaching and we have designed our curriculum to be challenging, but accessible.  The majority of children with Special educational needs or disabilities can be supported to take part in learning activities with their peers.  A small number are offered an alternative curriculum. 

We have included lots of information about our curriculum on the subject pages and class pages.  However, if you would like to know more, please contact the school office in the first instance.

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