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Compliments and Complaints

At St Martin's, we welcome suggestions for improving our work in school.  Be assured that, no matter what you wish to tell us, our support and respect for your child will not be affected in any way.  Please tell us of your concern as soon as possible; it is difficult for us to investigate an incident if it took place some time ago.  We do appreciate the assistance we receive from parents in addressing any problems that arise.  

Sending Compliments

Please send your compliments via email to admin@stmartins.reading.sch.uk.  We also have a folder which contains letters, cards and emails from visitors to our school with compliments.


We receive very few complaints. Problems sometimes arise from misunderstandings which are easily addressed. Most concerns and complaints can be sorted out quickly by speaking with your child's class teacher. When parents/carers and teachers treat each other showing mutual respect and support, this provides a very good role model for our children.


Speak to the class teacher about your concern and try and resolve at this first level.  If you still have concerns, then you should arrange to see the Phase Leader:

            Nursery/Foundation Stage/KS1       Mrs Tilling

           KS2                                       Mrs Tilling   

If there is still a concern, you can arrange a meeting with the  Headteacher.

There may be a time that an appointment will be made with the Headteacher and this is used discretionally depending on the concern.  Our first port of call is to resolve any issue informally first.

To view a full copy of our Complaints Policy, please see the policies section of the website.  Alternatively, you can request a copy from the school office.  Our aim is to find a way forward together which serves the best interest of both the school and your child.  In the unlikely event of the problem remaining unresolved you can put your complaint in writing and, if necessary, could subsequently refer it to the Chair of Governors.

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