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Gregory Class

Welcome to Gregory Class! 

The children in this class are in Year 4.  


Our Class Information

Adults in our class:


Handwashing: On arrival, children immediately go and wash their hands and then come to class for independent reading until everyone has finished handwashing. Handwashing also happens before and after break time and lunch, as well as at the end of the day. 

Spellings: We do a pre-test for spellings on Monday, a review of spellings on Wednesday and a spellings dictation on Friday each week. Children may practice using the spellings sheet they take home on Monday and using the Spellings Shed Website and App throughout the week. 

Times tables:  We will practise our times tables at least three times a week. The area of times tables we practice will also be available on the Maths Shed at the same time. 

Home Reading and Library Books: Each Tuesday, children will be given a leveled book to keep in their school bag. Ideally, to ensure good progression in reading fluency, children will read aloud to a parent/ carer at home each night for at least 10 minutes. Please write down in the reading record what has been read.

Each Friday children will bring their home reading and library books in to be put in storage for the weekend. On Friday, children may sign out a new library book.  On Monday, children will have a new leveled reading book.

PE Days: On Mondays, children need to arrive in their PE kit which they will stay in all day. Hair should be tied back for PE Lessons and earrings should be removed or covered. As the weather gets colder, please ensure children wear a warmer PE kit with a jumper and tracksuit bottoms.

Homework: The most important homework that needs to be completed is daily reading with an adult and it be written down in their reading journal.  Practising times tables is very helpful as well.  If both of these things are completed and your child would like to extend their learning, they are invited to create a facts poster about one topics for the term.  This term our topics are Sound and Anglo Saxons. 

Spring 2 Timetable



For geography and history this year we will cover Roman Britain, Rivers, Anglo Saxons and Scots, Migration, Vikings, Natural Resources in Northern Chile.
For relationship and sexual education, we will be following the school’s TenTen programme.  For Year 4, this includes lessons on puberty.  If you have any questions on what exactly will be covered, please contact Mrs Wordsworth.
For science this year our topics are electricity, states of matter, sound, animals including humans (with a focus on digestion), and living things and their habitats.

Important Dates for the Year

Multiplication tables check will start 7th June 2021


Email or telephone the school 0118 937 5544 to reach Mrs Wordsworth

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