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The children in this class are in Year 4.  


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Weekly Update

10 December 2021

We’ve had another lovely week in Year 4. We started with making our Jesse Tree which is a collection of symbols that link to the stories of Jesus’ ancestors. It helped us get into the spirit of Advent.

After carefully building different levers and linkages using card, we’ve now started designing our popup Christmas cards and creating them. The children are looking forward to sharing them with someone special this Christmas.

For Literacy, next week, we’ll finish up our diary entries as Ariel from The Tempest. For Maths, our review of learning from the term has taught us the importance of reading our reasoning questions carefully. The challenges with the reasoning questions were well enjoyed.

In Geography, we continued learning about rivers, and we now better understand their importance. First, we looked more closely at how the Volga River in Russia is used for farming and caviar. Then, we studied the Amazon River and how it is used to transport larger goods to areas with no accessible roads.

Science was a fantastic success today. The children had thought before this that some materials freeze at zero degrees. However, that was turned around completely as we looked at liquids that became solid above and below zero degrees. The biggest surprise was the cooking oil went to minus four without freezing.

3 December 2021

Firstly, I wanted to add our pizza party from last week. As a celebration of the great singing the children did at the Hexagon Centre, we enjoyed pizza from Domino's. The children thoroughly enjoyed it. In literacy, we reread The Tempest and then read diary entries, pointing out their features. Next week, the children will start writing diary entries in the role of Ariel. For Design and Technology, We started understanding how to build our own levers and linkages. I was impressed how well the children did with such challenging tasks. I’m looking forward to seeing the final project at the end of term. We've had a fantastic finish to multiplication, and we will resume it after Christmas. In the meantime, we're going to review all that we've learned from this term in maths and know it well. We'll start next week, focusing on reasoning and problem solving of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In Science, we've looked at the evaporation, melting and condensation of water. Next week, we'll try other materials before our trip to the Oratory School. For geography, we answered the question: Why are rivers important to people? We discussed how people use them in different locations, including the Amazon River and the Volga River. We also noted how the use of the river has changed over time.


19th November 2021


We thoroughly enjoyed our Hinduism week, learning about Sanskrit, the story of Bold Beggar and finishing off the week looking at and colouring mandalas. We even had children perform the story of Bold Beggar to the school! Well done, and thank you to our fabulous actors and all of year 4.


In our Literacy learning this week, we have been looking at the story of Tuesday by David Weisner to create our newspaper reports. In addition, we have been practising using the language of informing people and understanding how it's different to storytelling. 

In science, we have begun our unit on the states of matter.  We started with seeing what we already knew about states of matter and what we want to know next.  Then we began answering the question: What are the different states of matter?

To round off the week, we are having a great time with our maths challenges in multiplication.  It has gone exceptionally well with today's problem-solving of multiplying by six. The children especially enjoyed the reasoning that goes with it. 

Curriculum Information

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Spellings: Each week, we do a spellings activity look at a particular spelling rule, using the Spellings Shed Website and App throughout the week. 

There has been an amendment to the spellings

Our spelling rules this term are

-common homophones

-words beginning with -in

-words ending in -ure

-using a possessive apostrophe

-revision of these words

Times tables:  We will practise our times tables each day. The times tables we practice will also be available on the Maths Shed at the same time. 

Home Reading: Children will be given a leveled book to keep in their school bag. Ideally, to ensure good progression in reading fluency, children will read aloud to a parent/ carer at home each night for at least 10 minutes. Please write down in the reading record what has been read.

Questions to ask during reading:

-Who is this character?  Where are they? What time of day do you think it is?

-How might the chracter feel about this situation?  

-_____ sounds like a tricky word.  What do you think it means?

PE Days: On Tuesdays, children need to arrive in their PE kit which they will stay in all day. Hair should be tied back for PE Lessons and earrings should be removed or covered. As the weather gets colder, please ensure children wear a warmer PE kit with a jumper and tracksuit bottoms.

Homework: The most important homework that needs to be completed is daily reading with an adult and it be written down in their reading journal.  Practising times tables is very helpful as well.  If both of these things are completed and your child would like to extend their learning, they are invited to create a facts poster about one topics for the term.  This term our topics are States of Matter and the Rivers. 

Recommended Reading: We will continue to send leveled reading books home each week but we also encourage children to read books at home according to their interests.  The link below is a list of books recommended for children in year 4 that are of good quality and engaging to children.  Also, I've checked and many of these books at available at Reading Libraries. 


Important Dates for the Year

Multiplication tables check will start 6th June 2022


Email or telephone the school 0118 937 5544 to reach Mrs Wordsworth

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