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Welcome to St Rose Class

The children in St Rose Class are in Year 1 and Year 2

The adults who work in our class are Mrs Williams, Mrs Jones, Mrs George and Mrs Harris

Summer Term 1

Tuesdays = Spelling test and Maths homework

Thursday = Library day 

Friday = Change of banded reading books and PE


Summer Term 1 - Curriculum Overview






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Friday 19th April 2024


Summer 1- Maths Homework Year 1

Maths homework will be completed every Tuesday

New Maths homework will be set every Tuesday

Summer 1 - Maths Homework Year 2

Maths homework will be completed every Tuesday

New Maths homework will be set every Tuesday

Summer 1- Reading Words Year 1

Summer 1 - Spellings Year 2

Spellings tests will be completed every Tuesday

New spellings will be issued every Tuesday


Reading: Please ensure that Reading books are in school every day and that red reading records have been signed every time your child has read. Each book must be read three times over during the week in order to ensure accuracy and fluency.

Spellings: Spellings will be sent home every Tuesday in order to prepare for a test the following Tuesday.

Maths: Homework will be set every Tuesday in order to consolidate concepts learned in the classroom.

Recommended Reading List



Library Day: Our weekly visit to our wonderful library is a fantastic experience. Please return your library book on this day to get a fantastic new read!

Please follow the link to watch a video example of a Year 2 reader showing a great level of fluency.

The reader is able to demonstrate the following objectives:

Reads accurately most words of two syllables or more.

Reads most words containing common suffixes.

Reads most common exception words.

Reads at a good pace and rhythm.

Reads with understanding which is evidenced by the linguistic prosody. 


The child was given a reading book for a week and read the book three times over within the week.

The document below explains how we issue reading books in Key Stage One 

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Meet the Teacher

Please find the "Meet the Teacher" presentation from 11th September 2023

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