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Welcome to Lima Class! 

The children in Lima Class are in Reception and Year 1. 

The adults who work in Lima Class are Miss Zhang, Mrs McKenna, Mrs Harris, Mrs Kirwan, and Mrs West.


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1st July 2022

This week children in Lima Class have worked very hard across different subject and enjoyed the activities at school.

For Literacy, Year 1 children wrote a fact file about sharks and they were fascinated about how special they are! Reception children continue to retell the story of The Whale and the Snail, they also wrote an introduction as the whale from the story. I am very pleased to see them using their phonics to spell words. 

For Reception Maths, children practised adding two groups of objects together to get a whole. They experienced using blocks, numicons and small toys. They also practised drawing their own representations to answer the questions. 

For Year 1 Maths, children have been practising to compare numbers. They are learning to understand the words 'more' and 'less', use objects or drawings to find one more or one less and compare ones and tens.

Children have explored using plasticine to print nature patterns in their Art session, they were so careful with their prints and the outcome looked so beautiful!

In History, children recreated the Reading Abbey by putting model houses together. They also explored what it was like to live in the Reading Abbey as a monk.

The highlight of the week was practising the games for Sports Day. Although it was the first time for all of the children, they listened very well and tried their best! We can't wait to participate next week.


24th June 2022

The children in Lima Class have had a busy and exciting week. They were very excited about the Rise Theatre workshop and had a wonderful day learning about things we can do to look after our planet. During this special day, children used clay to create one of their favourite living things on Earth; they used ice and water to explore the concept of rising sea levels; they also came up with many ideas about how to reduce the use of plastic and have a greener life style.

In Literacy, Year 1 children have worked very hard this week to complete their reading assessment. They also completed their fact file about whales from the previous week.

Reception children have been revising all the Phase 3 phonics sounds this week, they are learning to blend and read longer words. 

In Reception Maths, children learnt about even numbers and odd numbers, it was a lot of fun to play Maths games and finding out whether a number is an odd or an even number. 

For Year 1 Maths, children have been learning to compare and partion numbers. They are learning to say how many ones or tens in a two-digit number and work out the total if given ones and tens. They also learnt to compare ones and tens.

In God's World, we have explored how the Holy Spirit is all around us and how the church celebrates this special time of year called Pentecost.

This week children explored using fruit and vegetables to create print patterns and learnt about Claire Harrup's lovely print art. 


17th June 2022

The weather has been lovely this week and it certainly helped us enjoy school a bit more! Children have tried their best and enjoyed the learning at school. 

In Year 1 Literacy, children learnt about whales and used the information they gathered to write a fact file. We were all fascinated by how special whales are! 

Reception children practised writing labels in their literacy sessions as well retelling the story The Whale and the Snail. Some children decided to take up the challenge and practise reading the whole story at home. I can't wait to hear them reading the book to me!

In Year 1 Maths, children learnt to count forwards and backwards within 100. They also learnt to carry on counting forwards crossing to the next ten.

For History, childern continue to explore the stories behind Reading Abbey Ruins. We learnt about what the abbey used to looked at and created our own drawings and models of it.

For Science, we have started learning about frogs. Children looked at different types of frogs and learnt about their body parts. They also labeled a frog's body parts using the knowledge they have learnt.


10th June 2022

What an excellent start to the last term of the school year! Children had a happy and busy week at school and enjoyed learning and creating together. 

For Literacy, we have begun our new Unit about the story The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson. Children were fascinated by the friendship between the two very different creatures and the kindness of the villagers who helped the whale. In this week's learning, Y1 children created a story map, sequenced pictures from the book and wrote sentences to match each picture. Reception children practised writing simple sentences about the whale. We also made a whale craft to help us retell the story at home.

In Reception Maths, children have been practising making doubles using practical resources and drawing dots. 

In Y1 Maths, children practised making equal groups, using counters or cubes to find half of a group and using drawings to represent half of a group

For PE, children started practising running, jumping and throwing. They are learning to develop skills to throw longer distances.

In Reception RE, children explored the story of Pentecost and created beautiful flames to represent the fire from the story.

In Y1 RE, children explored the meaing of the word 'promise'. They learnt that Jesus made a promise to his disciples and tried to understand the thoughts and feelings of the disciples at this time. 

During Choosing time, children have been creative and motivated to make things, practise writing and counting. What a fun week!













26th May 2022

It is the last week of term but everyone in Lima Class has tried their best to learn new things. They all did a great job in many subjects and enjoyed spending time with their friends. 

In Literacy, Year 1 children completed their diary entry as one of the Baby Owls from the story. They used drawings to help them plan the diary entry and remembered to write in past tense. Reception children also pracitsed writing sentences about the sea creatures. It is a lot of fun to use phonics in our writing.

In Reception Maths, we learnt to make doubles through objects and art. Children made towers using cubes and finger-print butterflies. They also had a go working out some problems about 'taking away'.

In Year 1 Maths, we practised couting out the correct number of objects in a group, make groups with the same amount of objects and different ways to make a half.   

In Geography, we finished our topic about the seaside by talking about how we can protect the ocean. Children made lovely mindmaps and recorded their ideas. 

The most exciting thing that happened this week was the Jubliee Celebration. Everyone made a self portrait for our special hall display and designed bunting for the celebration. 

Have a good half term break everyone!




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