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Lima Class

Welcome to Lima Class! 

The children in Lima Class are in Reception and Year 1. 

The adults who work in Lima Class are Miss Zhang, Mrs McKenna, Mrs Harris, Mrs Kirwan, Mrs Rowe and Mrs West.


Our Class Blog

24th September 2021

Children in Lima class have been enjoying learning and playing in school this week. 

In Reception Maths, we have been learning to identify buttons, socks and other objects that match. We also learnt how to describe the size and shapes of different objects. 

In Year 1 Maths, we have learnt to use cubes to find one less, count back on a number line and answer missing number questions. We also learnt to match one to one and use mathematical language, to talk about quantities ( enough, not enough, too many )

In Literacy, Year 1 children started writing about Three Little Pigs. They are working on using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops in their sentences. Reception children enjoyed using toys and objects to recreate the story, they are all very good at acting the story out now!

For Reception RE, children learnt about the Creation story and tried to retell parts of it. They enjoyed singing the creation song together. 

For Year 1 RE, children explored St Francis of Assisi’s love for God’s Creation and shared their understanding of it.

We practised cutting fruit and learnt about the best ways to prepare food in Design and Technology, and compared our homes to people’s homes in Victorian times.


17th September 2021

It has been a busy and exciting week in Lima Class. Reception children started spending a whole day at school and they have settled in really well! Year 1 children in Lima class have also done a brilliant job in helping and encouraging their new friends. 

In Literacy, we started learning about The Three Little Pigs. The children enjoyed acting as characters from the story and created fantastic story maps.

In Year 1 Maths, children have been learning counting to ten, forwards and backwards, beginning with 0 or 1, or from any given number. They also practised counting, reading and writing numbers to ten in numerals and words. 

In Reception Maths, the children were introduced to the different learning areas which are available to them and played many counting and sorting games. 

For Science, we created a mind map to answer the six big questions for this term’s topic - Pets. Children discussed what animals make good pets and Year 1 children worked in groups to create their own pets list. We cannot wait for the Animal Roadshow next week. Thank you for returning payment and slips to the office by Monday 20th September 

In Year 1 RE, the children are learning to develop their appreciation of themselves and the world around them as part of God’s creation. They tried their best to practise The Creation Song and put on a brilliant performance for the whole school in our assembly.


10th September 2021

What an exciting and brilliant start to the new academic year!It has been delightful to welcome Reception children into our school. Everyone settled really well and enjoyed the learning and fun activities in school.

Reception children spent their first day at school on Wednesday, they were all very excited and engaged. Everyone looked very smart in their school uniform! They made new friends, visited different areas of the school and enjoyed exploring and playing together. 

In Year 1 Maths, we practised sorting objects into groups and thinking of different ways to sort them. We also learnt how to say the numbers in order to ten and practised our counting skills. The learning experience has been slightly different from reception, but Year 1 children have adapted really well!

For RE, Year 1 children explored the story of Creation. They were able to sequence most of the story and discuss their favourite part of Creation. They have also been practising the Creation song to perform for the whole school.

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