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De Porres Class

We are a Year 6 class and the adults working with us are Mrs Tilling, Mrs West, Mrs Caiger, Mrs Clack and Mrs Anand 



15th October 2021

In Literacy, we have now learned all of the skills that we will need to write our historical narrative, and we are now ready to write up our own version of a scene from Oliver Twist. The children have worked so hard, and I have been so impressed by the descriptive phrases and the atmosphere they have been able to create and include in their writing. Here are some extracts from the children's opening paragraphs: 

The cold, vast streets of London hid Tommy White from the tyrant he used to call a friend. Praying that Dodger would not see him, he followed with frustration and misery. This waif had fallen into the foul boy's trap.

Tommy woould have heard the hawker's cries that were piercing the morning, and noticed the sun as it battled its way through the heavy,grey smog that constantly enveloped London. However, he had only eyes for the boy and Dodger. 

In Design Technology, we have now designed our cam toy and have started the construction phase, having discovered that a cam box will provide the stability needed to make our mechanism strong enough to create movement. The children have produced some wonderful designs and they are looking forward to making their toy and bringing it home at the end of the term

In History, we have started to find out about the political changes that took place at the time of the Industrial Revolution. We have been able to draw upon knowledge from History lessons in Year 5, and we have mapped out how power has shifted away from the monarchs since the Magna Carta was signed in 1215. We have learned that the political system during the period of the Industrial Revolution was very unfair and next week, we will find out how far the Great Reform Act went to try and make the political voting system fairer.

In Science, we have been learning about the work of Carl Linnaeus and his classification system, and in Religious Education, we have started our new unit ' The Followers of Christ', and have answered the question ' Who is Jesus?' . Finally, in Mathematics we have applied the rules of BIDMAS to solve problems with more than one operation, and then we have been honing our mental maths skills to make sure that we can apply known facts to help us to solve more complicated calculations. 

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