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De Porres Class

Welcome to De Porres Class, which is made up of Year 6 children.  The adults in this class are Mr Silk and Mrs Waters.


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This week we have started by planning our hot task in English. In maths we have been measuring and creating angles while answering shape questions from our class mates. Then on Wednesday, we finished our R.E work on laptops making newspaper reports about two parables. Then we practised for our carol concert and readings. On Friday we wrote up our hot task and we self- edited our work. We have now finished the book 'Letters from the Lighthouse'. It is set in 1941 Britain. In the story, the main character, Olive, goes to the cinema one night with her sister Sukie and brother Cliff. That night, however, an air raid takes place and Olive loses Sukie. A few days later Olive and Cliff are evacuated to Devon. There, Olive discovers a code related to Sukie's disappearance, and it's up to her to work it out...


This week we have learnt the basics of algebra and solved 12 problem solving questions in maths. Y6 also created a paper full of algebra facts! We made information sheets in english, explaining facts and the history of lighthouses.We created our own newspaper reports, talking about events from Letters From The Lighthouse. On Thursday, we started planning our own public speaking speeches for next year, continued cracking on with our algebra and practised our Carol concert for the first time. What a week!


Since the start of the term we have, kicked off our year with an amazing school trip to Ufton Court! We arrived in our evacuee outfits and learnt more about what it was like for the children in WW2- which is our topic. Inspired from our trip, we decided to design our own propaganda posters which featured real war messages. Y6 also made posters advertising our fantastic school. On this note, we have done some tours for potential reception parents, showing them around our school! This was quite easy considering we have been here for 7 years! As part of being a responsible Y6, we coached the Y2 class a P.E lesson. Teaching them warm- ups, skills and games, we enjoyed ourselves a lot and we now know how hard it is to coach younger children! To share what we have done through the past term, we put together an assembly explaining our time in Y6 so far. In the assembly we also recieved our golden ties and badges, marking us out as top of the school. Lastly, we took part in two interhouse competitions: one football and one tag rugby both of which were great fun. We can't wait for the new term and year ahead of us! 

Our Curriculum Map for this term

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Please use these to support your child at home - if you need a hard copy, please let your class teacher know

Year 5 and 6 statutory words

Children will be tested weekly on these words during the first term. The children will be tested on Fridays and the first test (18.10.19) will be on the first 10 on the list and continue onwards. 

Year 6 times tables booklets

Please could the children complete this booklet weekly. They need to complete 1 test a week, which comprises of 20 questions. Please return the booklet every Monday for it to be marked. 

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