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De Porres Class

We are a Year 6 class and the adults working with us are Mrs Tilling, Mrs Harris  and Mrs Caiger. 


14th May 2021


Suddenly, we are half way through the first Summer term! The children continue to work positively and enthusiastically as they learn new skills and make sure that they continually practise those that they have already learned. In Mathematics, we have been learning how to use a protractor, measure angles and then use our knowledge of angles to find missing angles in reasoning problems. Our knowledge of angles and degrees has helped the children to construct and interpret pie charts. We have been learning about the mean as an average and how to draw and interpret pie charts. Next, we will tackle angles in a triangle and then consolidate our knowledge about shape. In Literacy, we have started our new suspense story ' The Watertower' which is a superb picture book by Gary Crew. We have found that we don't need many words to get the 'gist' of what is going on as the pictures are so detailed and full of hints. The children are really looking forward to finding out more about this mysterious tower. We have been enjoying coding lessons in Computing and I have been very impressed by the children's coding ability and imagination as they create coding to run some very clever and humorous programmes which we have enjoyed watching. They are able to log on to Purple Mash at home and I am sure that they would love to share them with you. In Design Technology, we continue to design and plan our fabric doorstop and perfect our sewing skills. In Science, we have started our new topic 'Light' and this week the chidlren have devised a model which proves that light travels in straight lines. Our History topic, 'Civil Rights' , is thought provoking and the children have responded with great maturity and reflection as we find out about the civil rights movement in America in the 20th century. In RE, we have started our Pentecost unit and we are finding out about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit that are received at the Sacrament of Confirmation. This learning is supporting those children who have embarked upon the Confirmation programme on Tuesday afternoons after school. Please keep thise chidlren in your prayers as they prepare to receive this special Sacrament. 

23rd April 2021


Welcome back to the Summer term! I hope that you had a lovely Easter break. Thank you very much for the Easter gifts - we certainly enjoyed them over the holidays. There is lots of new learning to do this term! In Design Technology , we will be designing and making a doorstop. In Science, we will continue to learn about the human body and the circulatory system, before moving to a new unit all about Light. In Geography, we will finish learning about World Population then we will start a history topic about Civil Rights. In Literacy, we will continue with our class book ' Floodlands' before starting some shorter picture book texts and enjoying a range of poetry. As always, we will continue to base our writing around our class texts and, at the beginning of term the chidlren will write personal recounts based on the experiences of a main characters, but to add extra challenge they will have to make their own choices about the intended audience for their writing. We will be covering Statistic and Geometry in Mathematics this term and then we will revise all the Maths concepts that we have covered, making sure that we are able to apply our knowledge to real life problems.  

A date for your diary: De Porres own clothes day is 6th May 

26th March 2021

Year 6 continue to work very hard. They have settled back into school routines and are striding ahead! They have written superb discussion texts based on the opening chapters of 'Floodland' and they have written with such conviction and maturity They should be really proud of the achievements. They have worked hard in Maths, revisting some of the trickier calculations, as well as getting to grips with ratio and proportion. In Science, they have learned about how the heart works and the circulation system and in Geography, they continue to find out about growing populations across the world and the challenges they bring in terms of living conditions and pollution. In RE, they are learning about the events of Holy Week, as well as taking their part in the school Stations of the Cross that os being shared each day. There was much enjoyment towards the end of the week as the children made banners to take with them on the ' Walk for Water' which will take place next Tuesday. There is lots to look forward to next week! As well as our walk, we will have a pyjama day and a movie afternoon next Wednesday which will help us to get in the mood for the Easter break! 


10th March 2021

Welcome back everyone! It is wonderful to have you all back in the classroom again. We have a busy few weeks ahead of us before the Easter break, but I know that the chidlren in Year 6 are ready to rise to the challenge and will continue to work as hard as they did throughtout the lockdown period. 

For the next two weeks, we will be tackling ratio and proportion in Mathematics and then we will spend time revising the topics that we have covered so far,  before we start Geometry after the Easter break. In Literacy, we are enjoying our class text ' Floodland' and are busy writing a  discussion text, before we write a diary entry based on the experiences of a character in the novel. In Science, we are learning about the body's circulation system and we will find out how the heart and lungs work and how important it is to stay healthy in order that they work well. We will also learn about medicines and drugs and the important difference between those that keep us well, and those that can harm us. Our Geography work this term will help us to understand population distribution around the world and which factors cause natural increases and decreases in population levels. We will identify those countries that are densely populated and we will consider what can be done to ensure populations  have access to food and health resources. In RE, we mark the season of Lent and we are focussing on Jesus' teachings on prayer, fasting and almsgiving. We are finding out that fasting can involve giving up the actions and behaviours that make others unhappy. We will focus on adopting  actions that put others before ourselves. Later in the term, we will undertake a sponsored walk that will support the CAFOD ' Walk for Water' campaign. We will help to prepare a Stations of the Cross service that will be shared with the rest of the school.

I will start setting homework again this week and the resources can be found below in the homework section. 


Homework set 21st   May and due on 26th May 

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