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De Porres Class

We are a Year 6 class and the adults working with us are Mrs Tilling, Mrs West, Mrs Caiger, Mrs Clack and Mrs Anand 



13th May 2022

We have completed SATs week and have enjoyed a lovely afternoon in the sunshine followed by some tasty treats.

Here are some reflections from Year 6 children about this week: 

“It was challenging, but not impossible. I am very happy that they SATs are over and I am proud that I met the challenges.”

“The SATs were challenging however I am amazed at how quickly the week went by. Most importantly, I did my best.”

“To be honest, the week was challenging but in the end everything was OK. All it took was a bit of perseverance.”

“I expected the papers to be much harder, but they turned out to be much better than I thought. When I walked out of school on Thursday, I felt proud and happy that I had done the 2022 SATs.”

“I knew it would be challenging, but I knew that I could do it, and I know that I tried my best.”

“The day before SATs I was really nervous and scared but as soon as I finished the first paper, I felt relief and not scared anymore!”

“Before I started the paper, I felt as if it was going to be really hard. However, I soon realised that if you try your best, it will not seem too hard.”

“Although this week was rather challenging because of the SATs, it flew by. Actually, it was quite exciting to be doing the tests and they felt just like the practise papers."



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Homework set 8th April and 6th May 2022

SATS revision : 'Ten minutes a day for 10 days'. Please see Google Classroom for instructions

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