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St John's Class

Welcome to St. John's Class. Our class is made up of 18 Year 3 children. Our Teacher is Mrs West, and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Waters.


St John's Class Curriculum Information 

In Spring Term 2, we are learning about Moutains, Volcanoes and Earthquakes. Attatched below is the knowledge organiser of the content we will be covering. In Computing at the moment, we are looking at graphs and branching databases and our science focus is all about Rocks and Fossils.


St John's Class Homework 2020/21

Homework in St John's Class is expected to be daily reading and completing spelling practice. Some additional homework tasks may be provided. However, the additional tasks completely optional. All spellings sheets for the term and an overview are found below. 


Parent Information

In this section you will find any letters & information issued by the class teacher and other documents which may be of use to you. If you need a document that is not provided, please ask the class teacher. Some documents may also be linked to activities that the children have tried at school and want to attempt at home.


In St John's Class we believe that reading is one of the most important skills to teach your child. Good readers, make good writers and orators. Before a child can read well, parents and teachers need to foster a love of reading.  We welcome the support of parents in making reading a fun and   enjoyable activity.  Reading books are issued regularly and children are encouraged to make their own choices of a wide range of genres.  Below are some documents to help you grow the reading bug. 

COVID-19 update: to help limit the spread of Covid-19, we are restricting the number of times in a week we change reading books. This means that your child may end up keeping the same reading book even after they have finished it. We recommend that a child reads a reading book at least twice to improve their fluency and comprehension. 

Our Class Blog

4th September - It has been brilliant having all of the children back in school this week. I have been taking the time to get to know them and finding out their goals for this year. We have also used this time to reintroduce the children back into learning with some introductory lessons about our new topic, literacy book and our science theme. 

18th September - We have now finished our recap for maths and literacy with excellent work produced by all. We also used chalk pastels to create silhouette pictures of Stone Henge. Next week we start a new maths unit and a new writing unit based on the book "Stone Age Boy".  

25th September - This week we have really focused on the stone age. We have made models of mammoths in art, and then looked at the different animals found in the stone age to write shape poems about in literacy. We also have started looking at our new book entitled Stone Age Boy and we made predictions about what the book might be about. 

6th November - Fanstastic first week back at school. We have started looking at our book called Varjak Paw in our literacy lessons and in R.E. we have been looking at prayer including items and places that are important for prayer and relection. 

9th November - Please can children remember their wellies for school tomorrow as we will be using the copse

20th NovemberThis week in Literacy, we have been looking at ways to improve our sentences. We looked at openings for sentences and how to use a range of conjunctions. We also then learnt how to use a thesaurus to find better words to write in our sentences. In Science we have investigated friction. We timed how long it took for a toy car to travel down a ramp covered in different surfaces. We used things such as bubble wrap, carpet, wood and sandpaper to carry out our investigation. We also discussed what makes a fair test and what we could change if we were to repeat the experiment in the future.

12th March - After a great first week back at school we are now starting to get into the swing of learning in the classroom. We have made volcanoes out of sand and looked at different rocks and compared the properties of them. In literacy we have been looking at newspaper reports and planning our own one about part of the book The Iron Man. 

19th MarchThis week in Science , we have looked at the rock cycle. We talked about the different processes that rock needs to go through to change between igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. We then recreated this process using chocolate. We have then taken inspiration from our topic to create some pieces of Volcano Art. We used pastels on dark sugar paper to highlight the effect of the lava flowing down the side of the volcano.

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