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We are a Year 3 class and the adults working with us are Mrs Wright, Mrs West, Mrs Waters, Mrs Cavallari, Mrs Anand, Mrs Rowe and Mrs Jewell


15th October 2021

In English this week we have been looking at different features that we will be expected to include in our independent writing. We have looked at expanded noun phrases, conjunctions, fronted adverbials and similes. We have also been practising changing the model text to include our own individual ideas. We are going to try to use the model text to ensure that our writing contains all the required features and has a firm structure but still allows us to write with our own flair and ideas.

We have finished reading Stone Age Boy for a second time this week and have discussed the similarities between Ocean meets Sky, Alice in Wonderland and Stone Age Boy. Why don’t you ask us to tell you what we discussed? Are there any other books that you know that have a similar theme?

In Maths we have been learning to add and subtract tens from a number. We have also looked at word problems that require us to use a range of techniques that we have learnt. We are becoming experts in using the manipulatives to create and solve number problems. We also enjoyed physically exchanging the Diennes so that we fully understand the need to exchange hundreds for tens and tens for ones as this will allow us to add and subtract with confidence.  

In Science we have been exploring the different muscles and how they work in pairs. We have learnt that skeletal muscles are attached to the skeleton by tendons and that there are two main types of muscles – extensors and flexors. We are beginning to understand that while one contracts the other relaxes and that this allows us to move.

We have performed our song When Spirits fly. We were given us a choice whether we wanted to sing or play an instrument during the performance.  

In Design and Technology, we will be finishing our pencil case using our final design. It has been frustrating for many of us but we are very proud of the perseverance we have shown.

We can’t quite believe that by the end of next week we will have been in Year 3 for a whole half term. How time flies when we are busy learning.

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