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At St Martin’s , we recognise that writing is integral to all aspects of life and we endeavour to ensure that children develop a lifelong, healthy and enthusiastic attitude towards writing. The skill of writing enables pupils to communicate with themselves and others while documenting and conveying their knowledge and ideas. Building on experiences, it encourages expression and higher order thinking skills to develop. Thus, creating a culture of writing in our school ensures our children are given the best opportunities to build their capacity and confidence in a range of writing styles . By creating a stimulating environment and employing appropriate resources, we are determined to provide all pupils with a supportive writing curriculum which will allow learners to recognise their full potential

Our aim is for every child to be motivated to write and to enjoy writing. We hope that every child will view themselves as a writer.  Children should feel a  need to write, and experiencing enjoyment in practising the craft of writing. They will then feel confident and content when engaging in the different processes of writing and enjoy being a part of a writing community. Our children will view writing as a pleasurable, purposeful and satisfying experience.

Teaching strategies and approaches

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